Welcome to the blog of the three pseudonyms Riesling, Moscato, and Zinfandel. We are three early twenty somethings, who have decided that before life moves us away from each other post college, we should start a blog to keep up with one another, and try and survive the frustrations of adulting together.   

Like many young adults, we have come out of college realizing that while school prepared us for many things, it did not prepare us for others. Like how to handle it when younger teenagers have a license before you. Or how to afford new tires after a blow out while also saving for graduate school; or, how to survive living with your parents after marriage. This blog will be about our frustrations, our successes, and our realizations after said situations of life events occur.

We will be sure to mark whose post is whose, and one of us will make a new post as often as adult life allows.

So pour a glass of your favorite wine, get cozy, and get ready to chuckle and nod along with us. Our struggles, are your struggles.

Who’s Who:

Riesling: I am twenty three, the one who was the late licence receiver, and am the last to graduate college. I am married, no children or pets (though sometimes I really need a cat). Money is tight some months, but we budget (I think) fairly well and hope I can get a job soon after graduating. Also, I get anxious calling people. So there’s that.

Moscato: I am nearly twenty-two, the one who unfortunately blew out her tire, and graduated this past May with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I am recently single, live with a few too many people (nine other than me, but fourteen if you include pets-though sadly not one of those is really mine). All I really want in life is to help kids, either/potentially both disabled and/or foster/orphan kids, and to keep good friends. I think my best trait is my compassion for others, but how much I care about others and what they think of me can sometimes be a major weakness. I love family, even my super dysfunctional one, and I can not wait to be a mother, although it will be a while before that because I am still figuring life out for myself. I also get anxious calling people, and with social interactions in general, because I feel rather awkward. I can also kind of be a paradox in that I am very quiet, and yet I often talk a lot, the latter of which is apparent here…so there’s that.

Zinfandel: I am twenty three, and sadly I’m the one married and living with parents (not mine btw). My husband and I live with his grandparents. I have a 5 year old son who is too smart for his own good and may have too much control in this house. I will be the second to graduate with a teaching license in December. With graduation comes separation, and no idea where I will be come January but we are ready.

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